Wednesday, December 12, 2012

It's the Age of "No Naps"

Auggie's two and I know our napping days are numbered. We spent 2.5 hours at the park this morning and he still fell asleep at 1:30 pm! He's been fighting them for a few weeks now and most days he doesn't nap but I'm still trying. I didn't lay him down today until I could see it in his mannerisms that he was really tired.

We've had a few instances of wet bedsheets because he gets bored and takes off his diaper. I've tried backwards diapers (he pees out the top of them), onesies (he pulls the diaper through his leg hole or unsnaps them), non-footie pajamas (he unbuttons them) and even footie pajamas (he screams because he wants the feet part off). I'm half tempted to go out and buy some Duct Tape! We've even had a few instances of poopy sheets and crib, too! Yuck!! That really hits you hard especially since Auggie sleeps with his door closed! If only we had "Smell-o-vision" video capabilities!

I have a lot to post about to catch our blog up to date. I'm sure I'll get to all of it... eventually. But first of all, Auggie and Zane celebrated their 2nd birthdays together at PowerSports on November 17. The boys are 9 days apart and I'll know they'll be quite a pair when they get older. They're already up to no good when they're together! We've made great friends in College Station and I'm so glad Auggie has someone so close in age to hang out with. I'm sure I've said that before but all the boys (Cinco, Archer, Auggie and Zane) will be so much fun if we're all still around in the next few years!

PowerSports was a great choice for a birthday party. Most of the kids were exhausted by the end and slept well on their way home. We had our family squeeze into our house afterward for hot dogs and snacks and of course, present opening. Auggie's favorite present was from Mrs. Julie- a Thomas the Train set! He loves laying down and rolling his trains along the track. It was one of the first presents he opened and I'm pretty sure it was the last one! He was too involved in that to open any others. I'll have to keep that in mind around Christmas time because I'm sure he'll be getting some more trains.

(Click on photo to enlarge)
First Row: The Siegmunds & Allmons; Auggie blowing out his candles
Second Row: Auggie clapping; MawMaw, PawPaw & Auggie
Third Row: Great Grandma Rigby, Grampa, Gramma & Auggie; Auggie was VERY excited about his Thomas train set
Fourth Row: Daddy & Auggie at PowerSports; A quick run by the camera!

Our Thanksgivings went great! We went down to La Porte the sunday before Thanksgiving to celebrate with my family. It was nice having everyone there. Auggie and Tim managed to avoid all the sickness but sadly, I introduced it to the Siegmund side (sorry, y'all!). It was all short lived (thank goodness) and we were able to celebrate with the Siegmund side on Thanksgiving. I know Auggie always has a great time with his cousins on both sides. He's usually just a few running steps behind them all.

It is finally beginning to feel like December as of Monday! We had 75-80 degree temperatures most of November. It feels so nice to have long sleeves and a jacket on even if I am constantly cold.

Despite the hot weather, we've been trying to get into the holiday spirit! We went to Christmas at the Creek with the Allmons and Adams's the last Friday in November. Auggie got to pet a camel, goat and sheep at the live Nativity scene. He liked seeing all the lights, too. We missed out on seeing Santa because of the line but we did get to see him at the mall a few days later. Auggie wasn't too happy about sitting on Santa's lap so I sat with him. He gave him a fist bump and a high five after the picture though. Auggie even got Daddy to ride the train with him around the mall afterward. (and I thought I was bad about letting Auggie get his way;) We'll be going to Santa's Wonderland just south of town soon. I know Auggie will love seeing all the lights there. According to their website there's over 2.5 million! I'm excited about it.

(Click on photo to enlarge)
First Row: Seeing Santa Claus; Auggie's 24 month pictures
Second Row: Auggie Auggie waving bye to Rudolph; Auggie pointing out Rudolph's nose
Third Row: Auggie's 24 month photos... he would not put those trains down!
Fourth Row: Auggie was intrigued by the flash; The family at Christmas at the Creek
We'll have lots to update about soon.. Auggie's getting a surprise on Saturday that I know he'll absolutely love. I'll leave you with a few videos of our Little Bear! I'll work on the video sizes before I have another post with them. I don't know why they're so small! :(

Auggie has been signing "fire truck" "airplane" "helicopter" "police car" and now learned how to sign "ambulance"!

Walking in Mommy's Shoes

ABC Train with Daddy

A little example of our clothes escape artist

Dancing in the Car

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