Friday, November 2, 2012

A Very Happy Halloween!

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween! If you're on the East Coast, well, we're praying for y'all!

Auggie had a great Halloween. He filled up his bag quickly and had a lot of fun playing with about a dozen of his friends at a party Wednesday night. He went as a Train Conductor complete with a blue bandana, blue striped hat, overalls and a Thomas the Train trick-or-treat bag.

We made a last minute trip to the Aggieland Habitat for Humanity Pumpkin Patch Tuesday evening for pictures. Auggie did well with the pictures but he's still not a fan of the camera. I wonder when that will change! He'll have to get used to it sooner or later. At least looking off into the distance makes for okay pictures!

same shirt, same location, same Little Bear!
can't believe the difference of a year!
Auggie's been picking up a few new things lately. He's been interacting with the TV shows we watch in the morning. He doesn't talk back to the characters yet, but he'll dance, shake or flap his arms when they do. It's so cute! He's also interacting with books when we read them. So darn cute! I'll edit the video I have of him listening to Dr. Seuss' ABC book (it's over 6 minutes long) but he says "Hooray Hooray" for H and "Alligator" for A.

We're also working on the alphabet. I had no intention of getting him interested in it already but his interest seemed to come naturally. He knows A, I, U, R, N and M. He's also getting better at counting. His 4 and R sound absolutely adorable! I'll have to get it on video soon. Coloring with chalk, pens, pencils, well, anything that writes has been one of his favorite pastimes lately and since I don't draw very well, letters, numbers and shapes are my fallback. Daddy's the one who draws the animals! Auggie will scribble a little and then point at it and say "Cow" or "Moo." Tim's first animal to draw is usually a longhorn.

If you're here from Facebook, you've seen all the photos below. Sorry, you'll have to wait until next week for the few actual Halloween photos I took.

Rolling the large pumpkin

Turning around to say "Cheese"

Look over there!

Auggie signing "Train" when we heard the train whistle

Rolling more pumpkins

and look over there!!

He was so excited when a flock of birds few overhead

Still checking out those birds

Rolling that pumpkin

He thought this one made a nice chair

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin
Keep those pumpkins rolling!

Auggie loved the acorn bells I got from Hobby Lobby last week

Here's a nice "sitting still" picture

1,2,3.... JUMP!!!


He was so happy about the little pumpkins
He could actually carry them!

Making his way to Mommy

Off to run through the patch one more time
October 10.. Auggie scared of the "bug" on Tim's bow

October 20... Taking advantage of a deserted park!

October 22.... working on colors... added "grey"

November 1... Where's Daddy??
Until next week!

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